Ballet Logo

Ballet Walnut Creek

Walnut Creek, CA

Ballet Walnut Creek is ran by one of the greatest 21st century ball room dancers. She and the other owners tired of their typical logo. They requested colors that would appear vibrant and alive. And they wanted a typeface that was ellegant and sharp. I selected a color scheme of classic pink, a sky blue and a darker royal blue. The colors were accompained by a ballerena silohette and the type Unique. We did several business essentials for Ballet Walnut Creek, including business cards, brochures, flyers and more.
  1. Ballet Brochure
    Inside of brochure features schedule, instructions and services in a classic tri-fold brochure.
  2. Ballet Brochure
    Front of brochure features plenty of white space, showcasing the logo. Back of brochure tells their own story, pages accompanied by social media badges.
  3. Ballet Banner
    Features several clickable banner links including logo.
  4. Ballet Card
    Front of card uses simple oversized logo and pattern.
  5. Ballet Card
    Back of card features simple contact info for each employee.
  6. Ballet Email
    Features simple contact info and important times. Social media badges are includes with pattern and logo.
  7. Ballet Flyer
    Ballet flyer communicating the services offered.
  8. Ballet Billboard
    Out door billboard showcases logo and pattern.