Deli Logo

Bolden Deli

Van Nuys, CA

Bolden Deli is a neighborhood mainstay in Van Nuys, CA. Bolden was in service for more than 20 years, when they came to me with a logo re-design. They wanted a color that would help them standout from the other deli's in the region.

We chose an emrald greenish-blue, and a typeface that illustrated their bold take on sandwhiches. The typeface, much like their sandwhiches display a thick and bulky style while also conveying a certain ellegance. Alternatively we chose to highlight the logo with an olive and a stick. A symbol synomus with food and drinks over the years. We created a variety of new business essentials, from take-out menus, to business cards, to flyers,
  1. Deli Flyer
    Flyer showcasing their annual free Sandwhich day.
  2. Deli Card
    Vertical side showcases personalized employee information.
  3. Deli Banner
    Online banner made with logo and clickable links to website.
  4. Deli Card
    Title side showcases oversized Bolden wordmark.
  5. Deli Menu
    Inside showcases the menu options for the deli.
  6. Deli Menu
    Front of to-go menu features a toothpick graphic in the middle of the page. The upper showcases their deli logo.
  7. Deli Brochure
    Outside design features white headlines against the greenish-blue background. Front page is highlighted by toothpick graphic.
  8. Deli Brochure
    Inside of design features different services and products offered from the deli.