Brand Identity
A disciplined processed used to build awareness and extend customer loyalty. Branding is about seizing every opportunity to express why people should choose one brand over another. Branding can help you improve visibility, recognition of customer, differentiation, relevance, credibility, perceived value, perceive quality, customer satisfaction, customer retention, brand awareness and customer reach. It is ideal to start the branding process when you start a new company, new product, change your business name, re-branding effort, merge two existing companies or when a business wants to create an integrated system.

Compelling brand identity presents any company, any size, anywhere with an immediately recognizable, distinctive professional image that positions it for success. An identity helps manage the perception of a company and differentials it from its competitors. A new product design or a better environment can delight a customer and create loyalty.

Identity Kit
Keep on top of your game with a fully customizable graphic design pack. It is important to bring consistency, visual order, thought and intention to help a company grow and market more effectively. The identity kit is a key aspect of that visual consistency. The kit allows the business to have a more compelling visual identity over their offerings of business essentials. It also helps employees understand where to use logos and fonts. And more important where not to use logos and fonts.

The goal of all public companies is to increase value. A brands reputation, is considered to be one of the most valuable company assets. Small companies and nonprofits also need to built brand equity. Their future success depends on building public awareness, preserving their reputations and upholding their value. A strong brand identity will help built brand equity through increased recognition, awareness and customer loyalty, which in turn helps make a company more successful.
Your logo is often the first thing a customer sees, and when it comes to building brand loyalty, there’s no second chance to make a first impression. Make it count by having a professionally designed logo.

The best brands stand for something: a big idea, strategic position, a defined set of values that stands apart. Symbols are vessels for meaning. They become more powerful with frequent use and when people understand what they stand for. They are the fastest form of communication known to man. Meaning is rarely immediate and evolves over time.
A design pattern is the re-usable form of a solution to a design problem. Patterns are useful for a variety of work from social media to branding and marketing. Patterns can help people notice your overall brand.

Patterns can have a large variation of differences according to color, shape, geometry, width and so on. They can often have a positive branding effect when paired with a successful logo, helping to round out the brands visual experience.
Business Essentials
We offer a whole range of business essentials for your brand, contact us with specific questions.

Your business cards say a lot about you. Make your first impression a good one. Take your cards to the next level with unique textures, custom uses, outside the box design, games and raised lettering. Attract prospects and brand recognition with show-stopping business cards. Have business cards handy at networking events, display them on the counter of your store/business, or hand them out to prospects as coupons. Business cards are the quintessential tool for the enthusiastic networker. You can even design personal business cards to exchange contact information with new friends.

Whether you’re showing off your list of services or a selection of delicious dishes, we can help. Most restaurants have poorly designed menus, making the food a little less tasty for customers. Whether you’re the newest foodie hotspot or a neighborhood legend, you deserve a menu as delicious as your culinary creations. Let us create a unique one of a kind menu, that will be sure to dazzle all your customers.