Labs Logo

Dacis Labs

Ventura, CA

Dacis Labs specializes in the new waves of genetic and athletic testing. Located in Ventura California, Dacis has been in business for 3 years. Alternatively, they were completley opened to using any color. The requested a typeface that had a science or medicinal feel to it. We settled on the optima typeface and a color scheme that was a gradient of more than 5 colors. The color scheme helped develope a scientific feel to the companies logo. We created a full brand identity pack for Dacis, check out the work below.
  1. Labs Sign
    Logo displayed on indoor singage.
  2. Lab Brochure
    Front side of brochure features an about us section, a logo, and other essential business information.
  3. Lab Brochure
    Inside of Dacis brochure, features alternate oversized logo, followed by crucial dates.
  4. Dacis Flyer
    Multi color gradient scheme combines with the scientific font style to make this cohesive flyer.
  5. Labs Banner
    Web banner features three distinct areas. Clickable links highlight the desing.
  6. Labs Email
    Multi-colored gradient design helps the template stand out from your standard white background email.
  7. Labs Banner
    Banner features the oversized Dacis typeface.
  8. Labs Business Card
    Backside of card features oversized gradient alternative logo.
  9. Labs Business Card
    Bottom features oversized alternate logo along with employee information.
  10. Labs Billboard
    Logo featured along with genetic testing services.