Taqueria Logo

La Mechita Taqueria

Vallejo, CA

When La Mechita Taqueria came to me for a logo redesign they wanted something that was traditional, yet not run of the mill. Their first logo used a thin cursive typeface, that so many mexican food resturants go to. Our challenge was to create something traditional while also breaking the generic chain of logos.
We stuck to a traditional mexican colorway of light green, dark red and golden yellow. To further convey tradition we added a sombraro and created a simple pattern for the Taqueria. We created a variety of business essentials such as brochures, menus, business cars and much more. Check out below to view the full gallery.
  1. Taqueria Signage
    Indoor signage for La Mechita.
  2. Taqueria Billboard
    Taqueria identity pack came complete with an outdoor billboard. The design of the billboard has the logo, happy hour info and contact info.
  3. Taqueria Brochure
    Classic tri fold brochure. Features logo on the front page, followed by important info and dates.
  4. Taqueria Brochure
    Inside of brochure shows their basic menu, along with daily specials.
  5. Taqueria Menu
    Front of menu features simple logo, social media badges and contact info on bottom.
  6. Taqueria Inside Menu
    Simple to-go menu features their traditional food choices on the back.
  7. Taqueria Card
    Personalized cards for employees are shown on the backside.
  8. Taqueria Card
    Front side of card features pattern and logo. Contact information is also communicated on the bottom strip.
  9. Taqueria Banner
    Features contact info, logos and clickable links.
  10. Taqueria E-mail
    Template features signature pattern, one main section of the message indicating "Happy Hour".